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Divorce advice for mothers.

Learn how to heal and make it through.

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In this article, we will cover divorce advice for mothers. Whether you or your spouse had initiated a divorce, it is still a difficult period especially when there are children involved. 

For some, it might seem as though life will only get worse and not better. However, this is not the case. You can get through this and be a good mother to your children. 

Time will heal and don't expect things to change overnight. Instead, you should work toward rebuilding your life and relationship with your children so that you can all be happy and get through this dark period. 

Here we will cover divorce advice for mothers to help make this transition easier for you to get through.

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Breakups and divorces are painful. Here are some strategies to help you get through. Read an article by Irene Seow, Online Counselor. 

How to cope with divorce as a single mother

Divorce advice for mothers

Take it one day at a time

Focus and live in the present moment. Yes, you can plan for the future but it is important not to worry and stress about the future. Or else, it will make your divorce more difficult to get through and you will affect yourself emotionally and mentally. 

Take the baby steps towards rebuilding your life again with your children. 

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At times, a divorce can create an identity crisis. If you suspect that you might be struggling with this issue, read this article, signs that you are going through an identity crisis by Assia Houston, Online Life Coach. 

Plan a budget

Now, that you'll be a single mother running a household, it is essential that you have a budget in place. Whether you have an income or you're receiving alimony from your partner - it never hurts to have financial control. You should also plan to save money in case of any emergencies. 

Don't jump into rebound relationships

Whilst it's understandable to feel lonely during this period and to be in need of comfort. However, rebound relationships are not the solution. After a divorce, a woman is left feeling vulnerable and it can lead to you feeling even more hurt and heartbroken. This will also make it more difficult for your children. 

Take some time to work on yourself and your kids before jumping into the next relationship.

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Read this article, single mom confessions by Latisha Taylor Ellis, Online Therapist. In this article, she addresses some common issues that single mothers face. 

Educate yourself and build your career

This is your chance to invest in yourself. If you don't have a career, get educated and learn new skills so that you can get a job. If you already have a career, you can use this difficult time to advance. Plan career goals or aim for a promotion. 

These factors will help you to build independence and it's a stepping stone towards healing. 

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Need some inspiration? Learn how Ann Verster, Online Life Coach rebuilt her life after divorce and turned it into a success! Read this article, from barely surviving to living the life of my dreams.

Take care of your children

Your children are your priority and they're also going through a difficult time. You need to make them your rock and you need to be there for them. 

Explain the circumstances to them and allow them to confide in you about their feelings.

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This article explains how divorce and separation affect children and the emotional damage it causes. Written by George Stack, Online Counselor and Life Coach. 

Learn about the stages that children go through and how you can cope with it as a single parent. Read this article by Paul Vanderpool Jr, Online Life Coach. 

Set boundaries with your ex

With children involved, you'll probably be seeing your ex and you will both need to learn to co-parent. 

This won't be easy at first but as time goes on, your kids will get used to it and so will you and your ex. Be sure to create and set healthy boundaries with him from the beginning to avoid problems. 

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If you and your ex are struggling to co-parent, here are some tips on how to work through this so that you can help your kids to heal. Written by Latisha Taylor Ellis, Online Therapist. 


You're doing a great job and the best you can! A lot of women struggle through this transition in life and face a new set of challenges. If you feel you need help with getting through or with healing, read through some articles in which Experts provide advice and guidance. Or you can book a session with one of our Divorce Coaches or Counselors. 

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