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Can Online Dating be Successful?

See the statistics here.

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Online dating has become popular, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic at large. There has been an increase in the usage of online dating services and it is expected to rise in the years to come. 

More people are seeking companionship, excitement and for some, a partner and due to this online dating has become the best option. In this article, we will show the statistics and how successful online dating is. 

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Online dating statistics in the UK

According to Statista, these were the ages and genders in the year 2020:

Ages of people using online dating in the UK



These were the rates of users by gender:

Users by gender using online dating in the UK


What is the status of online dating in the UK?

The Future of Dating report, based on data from eharmony and birth rate projections from the Office for National Statistics, found that around a third (32%) of relationships started between 2015 and 2019 began online, compared to only 19% between 2005 and 2014. By 2035, it says the UK will reach more than 50% of relationships starting online.

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Online dating statistics in the USA

According to Statista Online Dating in the US Dossier, in 2019, 30.4 million American's used dating sites. 

In 2020, 32.2 million and 33.6 million American citizens used dating services in 2021. This is expected to rise by 35.4 million by 2024. 

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As of April 2020, these were the age groups of users who are currently using a dating site or app, those who have used it in the past and those who have never used one, according to Statista. 

People who have used, not used or currently using online dating by age in the USA

How successful is online dating in the USA?

Each and every person's online dating experience differs and according to Pew Research Center, these were the statistics of American adults experience with online dating:

Success rates of online dating in the USA

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Why do Americans use online dating services?

Do you think that the majority of users utilize dating services to find their soulmate or significant other? Whilst majority do, the statistics show otherwise and according to the YouGov Omnibus Dating Apps, these are the most common reasons as to why American's use dating apps:

Why do American's use online dating?

Why do people lie? 

You've probably heard the scary stories that many had to share about their online dating experiences and it is not uncommon for users to lie on online dating sites. But why does this happen? See the different reasons. 

According to Kaspersky Daily and, these are the most common reasons for people lying on dating apps:

Why people lie on dating sites

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Now that you've seen the statistics behind online dating, it is entirely your choice on whether you should go down this path or not. If you're feeling uncertain about it but long to find a partner, you can speak to one of our Online Relationship Coaches who will provide you with advice on how to stay safe online and with finding your soulmate. You can also read their articles for guidance and follow the topic dating. 

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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