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It's that time of the year again! Love is in the air and when many think about Valentine's Day, the first thoughts that come to mind are hearts, chocolates and teddy bears. 

However, more than just buying gifts for your significant other, Valentine's Day is when you can celebrate your relationship. Many couples around the world use this day to appreciate and spend time with their partner. 

Taking a look at the statistics, according to YouGov and a study conducted in 2019, 37% of American couples between the ages of 18-34 consider themselves to be romantic during this period, whilst only 26% of American couples over the age of 55 felt the same. 

7% of American couples have ended their relationship before Valentine's Day. 35% of these claimed that they didn't want to fake their happiness on this day and 26% said that they couldn't wait any longer to end their relationship. 20% have said that they didn't want to spend any money on their partners or buy them gifts and 21% didn't want their partners to spend any money on them or buy gifts for them. 

You and your partner don't have to be another statistic!

You can use Valentine's Day to value your relationship and appreciate your partner. 

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Valentine's Day tip by Deandria Shaw


Valentine's Day Tip by Deandria Shaw

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 Valentine's Day Tip by Elizabeth Smith

Couples in successful relationships complement each other and recognize why they are in love. As a couple, complementing each other often with positive qualities help celebrate your relationship. For example, you can complement your partner’s smile, how they handle obstacles, or something as simple as how they hold your hand. Complementing one another will help look past the little things and show how successful your relationship has become. Also, celebrate why you chose that person in the first place. For example, you can make comments like, I enjoy being with you because you are always willing to listen or I love how you push me to do more. Doing this also brings you patience and keeps that loving feeling alive.  

Valentine's Day Tip by Elizabeth Smith

Reflect on why you fell in love in the first place. Let yourself feel the feelings that you first felt together. It’s important to relive these memories. Find time to speak about the positive things that you have accomplished together.  Rekindle the memories often. For example, you can speak about how you lived in a studio apartment with very little and how you were able to purchase your dream home.  It is also important to find time to speak about the positive things you would like to do in the future. As a couple, discuss the future and make new memories.  For example, speak about how you will enjoy your trip to another country; site-seeing, what new foods you two will try, and the excitement of meeting new people.  Remembering why you love your partner is a wonderful way to celebrate and recognize your successful relationship.

These two tips celebrate and recognize your successful relationship as a couple.  Not every day of your relationship will be rainbow and butterflies. However, with these tips, you will be able to handle and work through anything that comes your way - together and successfully.  Keep up the success, it is priceless.

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WikiExpert suggestion:

Strong relationships require effort! See how you can improve your relationship and get rid of negativity. Read this article by Christina Kyranis, Online Life Coach. 

Play a game called A Toast. 

Valentine's Day Tip by Ricky Hogens


The activity begins with a blank title in which the couple must collectively work together to complete this statement. 

"A Toast to a __________ Relationship or Marriage"

The title is blank because the couple should first think of the most spectacular and honest word to describe their relationship during the last 3 months (the number of months for this activity is flexible). The relationship could be described in several ways which may include happy, fulfilling, exuberating, unbreakable, enduring, invigorating, etc...

The couple then cuts out paper notes to write down 3 ideas of how to celebrate their relationship, fold the paper note, and place the 3 ideas in their partner's wine glass. For example, the wife may place an idea of celebrating the relationship in Hawaii.  The key is alleviating some of the stress associated with planning a celebration by involving both parties in a fun way. 

The couple makes a toast to their __________ relationship or marriage and shares the 3 ideas by picking the ideas out 1 by 1 and having dialogue associated with the ideas.  

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Relationships are ever-changing and ever-evolving, and as wonderful as growing together can be it can also bring about their fair share of challenges. These challenges at times however can seem magnified when we feel that our partners no longer see us in the positive light they once did or that they are taking us for granted. It's important however that we nurture our relationships as we did at the beginning of the relationship and so make sure that we continue to celebrate each other. Here are two tips on how to celebrate your relationship.

Valentine's Day Tip by Tarryn Tomlinson

One way to celebrate your relationship each and every day are to celebrate your partner with thoughts and acts of gratitude on a daily basis. When partners feel appreciated and seen in a relationship it opens up the doors for more intimacy to be felt amongst the two; whether you show appreciation by giving small gifts, or saying 'thank you' on a regular basis, or solving a problem before your partner asks for help. There are many ways in which we can show gratitude and thereby celebrate our relationship.

Valentine's Day Tip by Tarryn Tomlinson

You would be amazed at how many couples compete with each other who discredits the achievements of the other within a relationship. Some people find it hard to celebrate partners' success because they are threatened about what it means for themselves and the relationship. The most loving thing you can do is to nurture the dreams of your partner with positivity and full faith in their capabilities and also truly celebrating their achievements with them. We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations and we all need to be encouraged and also celebrated when we have achieved something, as achieving success often means that we needed to overcome something in order to get there. When your partner feels that you are truly in their corner supporting them and their dreams it can pave the way for a lasting and deep connection. You celebrate the relationship by celebrating each other.

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Further relationship tips for Valentine's Day

If you and your spouse have been going through a rough patch lately, you can use Valentine's Day to rekindle your romance and work through your issues so that you can both be happy once again. 

Valentine's Day is a reminder and a day to celebrate your love. So, don't let it go to waste. If you feel that your relationship has been really bitter and nothing you do seems to make it work, you can read through Expert-written articles for advice on how to solve your problems. Alternatively, you can book a session with an Online Relationship Coach or Marriage Counselor for professional help and guidance. This way your relationship will not only blossom on Valentine's Day but throughout the year!

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Special thanks:

Deandria Shaw

Elizabeth Smith

Ricky Hogens

Tarryn Tomlinson

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