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The truth behind divorce and marriage.

See the real numbers and reasons.

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Marriage has its ups and downs. However, more couples are choosing to end their relationships before even trying to save them. 

WikiExpert has conducted some research and collected data from reliable sources on relationships and marriage across the USA, UK and Europe. In this article, we will show you the divorce rates and the most common reasons why couples end their relationships. 

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The most common reasons for divorce

According to the Insider, these are the most common reasons for divorce:

Common reasons for divorce.

Divorce statistics in the USA and UK

According to Time magazine, 39% of marriages end in divorce in the USA. This number has declined since the 1980s, which had a 50% divorce rate and according to the Office National Statistics, 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce and 34% of marriages are expected to end in divorce by their 20th wedding anniversary.

Divorce statistics in UK and USA

Countries with the highest divorce and marriage rates in Europe

According to Statista, the top 5 countries with the highest divorce rates are Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, France and Belgium. 

Countries with the highest divorce rates in Europe

The countries with the lowest divorce rates are Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland and Malta. 

Countries in Europe with the lowest divorce rates

According to the Eurostat data, these countries in Europe have the most marriages. These numbers are per 1000 persons:

Countries in Europe with the most marriages

The following countries have the least marriages:

Countries in Europe with the least marriages

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In what year does divorce usually take place?

Common divorce years

According to Fatherly, couples are most likely to get divorced in the first and second year of marriage. During this period, men are more likely to cheat. 

According to Census Data, the third and fourth years of marriage are at average risk of divorce. This is the time most couples have their first child. 

Years 5-8 are also high-risk years of divorce according to Census Data. During these years, couples begin to lose interest and satisfaction. 

The lowest divorce years are between 9-15. During this period, couples no longer have infants and this increases the satisfaction in the relationship. 

The years between 15 and 20 hold an average risk of divorce. By now, most people want to live their last few years being happy. According to the General Social Survey suggests that men and women over age 55 are more likely to cheat on their spouses. 

January known as divorce month in the USA

Divorce rates by age and other factors

According to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner Family Law Attorneys, those who marry before the age of 18 have a 48% chance of getting divorced and those who marry between the ages of 25-39 have a 60% chance of divorce. 

People who get married over the age of 25 are 24% less likely to get divorced. 

The Office National Statistics found that in the UK, the highest divorce rate is for men aged 45-49 and women aged 40-44. 

Your childhood history

For couples who have parents who are happily married, their chances of getting divorced decreases by 14% according to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner Family Law Attorneys. 

Those who have parents who have divorced and remarried are 91% more likely to get divorced. 50% of people who have divorced parents are also more likely to marry others who have divorced parents. 

Read an article about how divorce and separation impact family and children by George Stack, an Online Marriage Counselor. 


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