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Has a lack of intimacy become a problem?

See how you can solve it and save your relationship.


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Intimacy plays an important role and without it, your relationship can suffer. You can solve this issue and save your relationship with the help of an online professional. 

Love-making and displays of affection strengthen the bond between both partners. Without it, you and your spouse could drift apart. 

It makes it even more difficult if one partner wants to be intimate and the other is not interested. This can lead to loneliness or infidelity. 

Common reasons for a lack of intimacy in a relationship:

  • Lack of libido;
  • Pain during sex;
  • Wanting to take it slow in a relationship;
  • Abstaining from sex until marriage.

Now, let's take a look at what can cause a lack of libido:

  • Certain medications are responsible;
  • Age, as you get older, you might notice a drop and interest in sex;
  • Stress and trauma, certain events can trigger this;
  • Hormones, in women, menopause or pregnancy;
  • Relationship issues such as infidelity, constant arguments, etc.

What is intimacy and how it can be shown?

When you hear the word "intimacy", the first thing that probably comes to your mind is sex. However, there are also other ways in which you can express your love for your partner. 

Some examples of this include cuddling after a long day, hugging, holding hands - even in public and massages. 

These simple acts of affection can also build a bond between you and your partner. If you or your spouse finds it difficult to even do this - then it’s time to seek the help of an Expert so that you can resolve all your problems and save your relationship.

Benefits of intimacy:

Why intimacy is important

Top Experts that can help you with resolving intimacy problems.

Gail De Souza:

Meet Gail De Souza

Gail De Souza is an Online Love Coach who specializes in helping couples to find love and improve their current relationships. She utilizes powerful techniques and strategies in her online sessions that were tried and tested. 

Gail is also an active publisher on WikiExpert and she authored many interesting articles with regards to love and soulmate relationships. In one of her articles, she even speaks about how sex and intimacy connect and unit both partners. She also explains why it shouldn't be done for the wrong reasons.

Message Gail De Souza for free today to book a session. 

Tarryn Tomlinson:

Meet Tarryn Tomlinson

Tarryn is an Online Life Coach with over 15 years of experience. She combines her studies in psychology and personal experience to help her Clients. Tarryn is also an Expert in the Law of Attraction Coaching. 

She also published interesting articles on WikiExpert. In one of them, she talks about the secrets to great sex and how you can achieve this with your partner. 

Message Tarryn Tomlinson for free today to book a session.

Denell Henefield

Meet Denell Henefield

Denell is a certified Life Coach who specializes in relationships, intimacy and sex. Her goal is to help her Clients with deepening their relationships and bond. She also strives to ensure that her Clients have satisfying sex lives. 

Denell also published some interesting articles on WikiExpert. She speaks about relationships and in one she explains how a lack of confidence can impact intimacy. 

Message Denell Henefield for free today to book a session.

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