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Parenting is beautiful but challenging!

Let an Expert help you through your struggles.

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Whilst parenting might be a wonderful experience, it also comes with a set of different challenges. Whether you're a single parent or co-parenting with your partner, or you have one child or more, it's still difficult. 

Raising children and teens properly is no easy task but it is also essential. As their upbringing will have an impact on their adulthood and it will also help them to develop. Proper upbringing should also begin when they are young so that it becomes easier for them and it's also better to mold their young minds. 

If you feel like a failure or you're not a good parent, just know that you are not alone. There are plenty of parents out there who feel the same. On that note, you should NOT feel this way! 

Parenting can be arduous which makes it difficult to cope with. The good news is that you can receive professional support from an Online Life Coach. 

What is online parenting coaching?

An Expert is here to help you through every milestone and step through your parenting journey. You can become the parent you want to be with the help of a professional. 

You will receive guidance and advice on whatever difficulties, struggles and challenges you are faced with when it comes to raising your children. 

Whether you're dealing with a rebellious teen, a toddler whos constantly throwing tantrums or an anti-social child, you can get the help you need! Moreover, the Expert can work with your child too. 

Confide in a professional about the struggles you are facing as a parent, even if you need to cry - you can do so in a non-judgmental atmosphere! The Expert will listen to you and provide you with advice and solutions to your problems. 

Common parenting challenges.

  • Constant tantrums;
  • Aggression and anger;
  • Disobedience and stubbornness;
  • Complaining and whining;
  • Depression and withdrawn;
  • Concentration problems;
  • Fighting with siblings and other kids;
  • Lying compulsively;
  • Behavioral problems;
  • Eating and sleeping issues;
  • Substance or alcohol abuse.

Some benefits of online parenting coaching.

  • Discuss your challenges and issues openly;
  • Professional guidance on how to handle certain situations;
  • Get advice on how to raise your child hassle-free;
  • Provide you with self-care tips;
  • Deepen the bond between you and your child;
  • Improve and learn how to communicate with your child;
  • Your child can also get the help he needs.

Top Online Parenting Coaches.

WikiExpert has a variety of Experts that can help you through your parenting challenges. You and your child can receive professional help and work through your issues. Online parenting coaching is more convenient and flexible. You can fit sessions into your busy schedule. As a parent, you will also learn how to take care of yourself. Meet our top parenting Experts.

Latisha Taylor Ellis

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Latisha is a licensed professional offering online sessions whenever you need it. She uses a variety of methods to help you in a gentle and enlightening atmosphere so that you can feel comfortable. You can solve all your parenting issues with Latisha's help. 

She is also an active publisher on WikiExpert. In her articles, she addresses single parents. She talks about how you can co-parent with your ex to raise your child. She also gives you tips on how to co-parent with an ex who's a narcissist.  Latisha also gave some confessions of a single mom. 

Whether you're in a relationship or a single parent, you can still benefit from Latisha's help and get all the necessary support to raising your child. 

Athena Reich.

View Athena Reich's profile

Athena is an Online Life and Wellness Coach. Allow her to be the wind beneath your wings. Athena is here to listen to all your problems in a non-judgemental environment - no matter what you might be going through. 

She aims to be your champion and support in your times of need. Athena is an empathetic Expert who is dedicated to letting all Clients know that they are safe and understood. 

Athena also published an interesting article on WikiExpert about how you can raise children during the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Being a single mother herself, she also shares tips and talks about how she dealing with it. 

Jenna Wolfson.

View Jenna Wolfson's profile

Jenna has an extensive background in mental health for over 17 years. She also worked with families of all types, children of all ages, adults up to 65, parents, foster families, divorce, child welfare, trauma and much more. 

Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she is also equipped to aid you with the best parenting advice so that you can solve your problems. 

Jenna has also published interesting articles on WikiExpert. She speaks about how a teenage girl saw right through her mom who was experiencing difficulties in her life. 

The moral of the story and the message that was conveyed through this article is that children can see right through their parents. As well as how they get affected by problems that parents are faced with. She also addresses how to overcome obstacles in life.

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