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We all know someone who’s flirtatious. Sometimes, the ability to flirt with anyone anywhere comes easily. Other times, flirting can be a challenge. How much is too much? When is flirting too subtle? 

It definitely doesn’t help that barely more than a third of men and only 18% of women know when they’re being flirted with—clearly, these shocking stats highlight the fact that flirting is difficult (and could maybe even be considered an art).

Is flirting really right for everyone, particularly those who are looking for love? We’d argue yes. Here’s why.

The benefits of flirting.

Finding a balance between flirting too much and too little is tough (and finding the bravery to do so can be tougher), but there are plenty of reasons why we think it’s great to embrace flirting. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, hear us out. You may find that you benefit from flirting because of it:

  • Increases self-esteem;
  • Encourages you to be your best self;
  • Challenges you to improve your communication skills;
  • Brings spice and enjoyment to life;
  • Becomes a fun reason to go out on the town, even when your friends bail on you;
  • It offers opportunities to chat with a wide variety of individuals.

If those aren’t enough reasons for you, let’s just face it—flirting feels good! Plus, you never know what might happen. Maybe a new and exciting relationship is waiting for you just around the corner.

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When barriers are in the way.

So, here’s the question you’ve all been waiting for: How do you flirt with confidence?

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for us to put ourselves out there. When you don’t have enough self-confidence to flirt, what should you do?

This is where we recommend that you chat with an online life coach. Booking an online life coaching session can be beneficial for numerous reasons. 

First, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to boost your confidence by working with a coach to determine why you lack faith in yourself. Once you overcome the reasons behind your lack of self-confidence and identify ways to build that confidence, you can also speak with a Life Coach about how to flirt over text, finding a flirting definition that’s right for you, and how to flirt with confidence.

Remember, the question of, “What is flirting?” may be answered differently for everyone, but a life coach can help you prioritize what you want to achieve via flirting and help you master the communication skills and confidence to reach your goal. 

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