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Raising teens can be challenging.

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There are all kinds of challenges that parents of teenage children face, meaning that you’re far from alone if you’re a parent who is having difficulty raising your adolescent child. 

When two-thirds of teens state that they are aware of how to hide their online activity from their parents, and when suicide is the third most common cause of teen death, there’s no question that raising an adolescent is full of risk.

And, while statistics aren’t always in favor of teens, that’s not to say there isn’t hope. The first step to understanding how to parent teens well is to identify the struggles you may face.

Identifying the difficulties of raising a teenager.

We probably don’t need to lay out the reasons why parenting a teen is hard work, but we also want to validate the many ways that raising teenagers through adolescence (particularly if they are troubled) can be challenging for parents to tackle.

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For instance, parenting teens may involve:

  • Instances of “teenage rebellion” as teens grapple with independence and an ability to make decisions separate from their parents;
  • Guiding them about dating and sexual practices;
  • Educating them about the risks of using alcohol or drugs;
  • Finding compromises between respecting their boundaries and keeping them safe.

Why teens need guidance.

The adolescent age is one of the most critical parts of a young person’s development for a number of reasons. As explained by a researcher from the University of Washington, parenting during a child’s teenage years is particularly important because teenagers’ brains are still developing the ability to mitigate risks and make rational decisions while combatting more impulsive behaviors.

This vulnerability, paired with teenagers’ growing desires for individuality and independence, makes careful guidance during this time incredibly important.

Seeking guidance of your own.

As you strive to navigate the challenges of raising a teenager, don’t be afraid to ask for some guidance of your own! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you won’t need some help here and there.

That’s where an Online Life Coach comes in. Talking to a Life Coach can lead you in the right direction when you’re stuck at a crossroads because these experts can help you discern normal adolescent behavior from red flags, offer you suggestions to pursue emotional support of your own, and help you to learn all about the art of parenting teens with love and logic.

Online life coaching has helped plenty of struggling parents improve their relationships with their teens. In fact, attending an online life coaching session with your teenager can be a great way to tackle problems head-on as a team. What better way to build trust and connection?

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