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Writer's Coach Program

Special life coaching program that's specially tailored to aspiring writers.

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Are you one of the many people that have been wanting to become a professional writer? If so you've come to the right place. The Writer's Coach Program is life coaching that's specially established for people that aspire to become professional writers. This special program is being offered at a special low rate of only $50.00 per week.

Trying to get started as a professional writer can seem easy at first, but there are many twist and turns as you start the journey. The internet, which is specifically established for the exchange of information, has seemingly countless ways to obtain income as a writer. It takes a lot of time and patience to sort through all of the opportunities that are available online. In addition to that, there's the actual work that also needs to be done.

Having a coach on your side can help you to identify what obstacles you might be encountering and also to help you to establish realistic goals that can build you up for greater success down the road.

The Days Go By

Have you been wanting to be a professional writer for a long time, but you still haven't gotten anywhere? A life coach can help you to better understand why that is and can also help you to break through that barrier so you can finally succeed.

I Can't Do Anymore

Have you already tried to become a professional writer, but it didn't work out at all or you weren't as successful at it as you wanted to be? A life coach can help you to overcome your sense of defeat and help you to tackle the situation in other ways that might prove successful.

The Value of Dreams

I understand what it's like to have dreams and aspirations. Dreams and aspirations oftentimes serve as a driving force for what we do. Do you need to hire a life coach? If it can help you to succeed, why not? The fees associated with the Writer's Coach Program are not subject to change. It's not a special introductory offer. I'm offering you my services as a life couch because I also understand the dream.

What's Involved In The Program?

The Writer's Coach Program involves one meeting with a certified life coach per week. The meetings last for one hour. The program only cost $50.00 per week, and participants may discontinue at anytime. 


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