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Jobs lost or jobs transformed?

Are the jobs getting lost or the jobs are being transformed? Read the article to know more!

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Jobs are never lost, they just transform!

Jobs are never lost, they just transform. It is evident from the history that human labour has always been replaced by more productive means, be it the first mechanized looms, electrical motors or automated assembly lines. But the factories have not been depleted of workers even after so many years of industrial automation. So it’s naïve to fear that automated business workflows & digitization would steal the next human’s job.

It is said that pandemic or societal game changer hits us every century, the Spanish Flu of 1918 being an example but for the job market, the turbulence in every 10 years have become a norm.

Certainly your new assistant is Alexa but Alexa is backed up by happily employed people, lending a human touch to enhancing customer experience! Robots will develop codes with better quality, accuracy & efficiency while erstwhile developers will train the robots so that they can be more human friendly. Artificial Intelligence is not a threat rather a tech-&-touch combination which will elevate a human’s job not eliminate it.

What's the opportunity right now?

Plethora of information is available over the web & there are tons of digital learning platforms that have made free courses available to students. There is a bonus! You could earn a course completion certificate & add it to your portfolio. All you need to do is to look around the virtual world & to find out which courses do you find interesting to be pursued & will lead to your ultimate mental & physical well being.  You need to develop the ability to draw distinctions between important & unimportant information which is vital. Connecting your interests with the information available over the web is “a learning theory for digital age”. Find out how you will be able to contribute to the present & future world by learning, practicing & enhancing your new skill set. This is called as “Social construction” of your knowledge.

Tech is “essential service”.

The pandemic have given us a clear message that brick & mortar businesses run only by physical means crippled by the lockdown. Processes that have a digital wing have averted & even flourished. Streaming platforms, online grocery, online pharmacy, the digital classrooms & virtual collaborations are almost as mainstream as electricity. Learning how to manage virtual teams, practicing giving video interviews can synchronize your key skills to the need of the new world. Learn how you can showcase your key skills in a digital way.

The new normal.

An unstable environment or uncertainty is a time that teaches us that comfort zones have vanished. Crises are the times where we get an opportunity to stretch our skills & ability. Having the confidence & faith in your own ability will help you reengineer & reinvent your life in a bigger dimension.

Look at the big picture.

Amidst the doomsday talk, the world is trying to find out the vaccine. Soon, someone will reach there first. This gives a clear indication that in these adverse situations, human mind evolves critical thinking. Diving into the deep sea of New World will not only let you find out the career path which will benefit you but it will also give you a clear edge of newly acquired skill set which you will be utilizing for the benefit of mankind.

The audacity to dream.

Tweet that expert, mail that writer, talk to futurist in online events but never shy away from asking. You always need borrowed ideas to make your spark of brilliance. History has shown that every crisis brings a surge of innovations when human ingenuity triumphs & the next generation professionals & entrepreneurs are born. Amazon & Google took momentum after the bubble burst, Netflix & Facebook started to flourish post the global financial crisis. If you have audacity to your dream into a goal, the time to start working on it is now.

The hyperconnectivity.

The lockdown has shown us how hyper connected the world is. With increased virtual environments, get ready to arrive in a world without borders & time zones. Just like a You Tuber defeats borders & time zones to reach his audience, a blogger defeats borders & time zones to reach his readers, an online trainer defeats borders & time zones to reach his trainees, do write your own history, record your own events as you prepare to battle out of this crisis with the new set of realizations.   

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