Now we all are aware about the feeling of "jealousy". The main question is why this feeling happens?. And the answer is whenever a person who is not able to tolerate the success or achievement of another person, then this feeling takes place.

So is there any remedy to curb this feeling? The answer is a big "YES". Now think what really happens when we are jealous? We use to impose our own failures and insecurities on anothet person. Let's take an example: If you are a singer and you come to know that another singer is more popular than you, then what do you exactly think about the other singer? You use to think that his luck has favoured him hence he became more popular.

So what to do now? Simply you have to accept that another person is doing something new or something more creative than you. As soon as you accept this, your feeling of jealousy will convert into feeling of inspiration. And you will start to grow again by learning new things.