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How to get out of a state of frustration and use lockdown as an opportunity to transform our lives?

Even if it is often not easy to get out of this state of confusion. It is still possible to regain control.


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At a time when everyone is focused on the number of deaths, the evolution of the virus and the bad news of the world every day. We are facing a global reconsideration of our future. The fact that we feel we are losing control over our environment has a strong impact on our inner balance and sense of well-being. In addition, all the activities that used to allow us to escape from our everyday life are taken away from us. We can no longer escape the reality of our lives and isolation puts us in front of ourselves and makes us aware of the things we used to repress.

Despite the impact of this emotional disorder in our lives, anxiety, stress, and sadness. It is still possible to regain control of our inner balance.

When we become aware of our unhappiness, the first thing we can do is to identify the emotion that is overwhelming us. This first step allows us to clarify our feelings and become aware that something is wrong. It may seem basic and yet it is often much more difficult to put in place.

Being aware that we are in automatic mode is not easy since our ego has a natural tendency to trap us. It may be difficult to read our own emotions. Usually, it is those emotions that we do not understand that will make us react in an extreme way to a specific situation.

Because each of us has a unique background, different experiences with unresolved emotional wounds. A situation that presents itself may reconnect us with other situations we have already experienced that continue to consume us. Those experiences that are not understood may lead to violence, aggressiveness, great sadness or deep unease.

When we can understand what puts us in a frustrated and negative emotional state, we can begin to look for solutions that can help us to improve this situation.

We can ask ourselves:

- what actions have led us to this emotional state?

- What do we feel about this emotion?

- Which actions that we do daily make us face this result that we do not like?

- How can we get out of this negative emotional state?

- How can we define the result that will allow us to be satisfied?

Once we understand our dissatisfaction and target what we want. All the work will be to convince ourselves that we can do it. It is not easy to break the deep beliefs we may have. However, once we manage to come out of denial and accept our situation as it really is. It is easier to become aware of our responsibility and our power to regain control over what was then beyond our control.

The final step will therefore be to understand that each small action taken daily towards reaching our goal is a giant step closer to success and the transformation of our life.

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