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Why do we feel the way we do?

Our thoughts are formulated young from our experiences and they influence our emotions and behaviors

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We all feel things differently, and perceive our feelings in many ways. The more we have insight on who we are the higher our ability to understand how we feel.  There are pathways in our brain that light up when we feel emotions. There has been research showing how that is different in psychopaths and sociopaths.  How different parts of the brain do not light up when emotions are triggered, and mainly the lack of emotions that exist.

 Our thoughts influence how we feel quite tremendously. Our thoughts are shaped in early childhood from our upbringing, and our experiences. All that formulates a worldview, opinions, and perspective. All that contributes to how we feel. So really, our feelings come straight from how we think, and in return influence our behaviours. Let us look at an example here: how two different thoughts can influence the way we feel and behave.  

Person A – Received 70% on the exam. The initial thought is wow that is such a low mark, I did not do well. That thought can come from upbringing and high expectations from parents etc. that thought will trigger initially an emotional response of sadness or disappointment or failure. Which in return may trigger more negative thoughts and emotions, and further leads to potential negative behaviour.

Person B – Received 70% on the exam. The thought is Wow I passed the exam, and with more than just 50%. This will trigger happy and joyful emotions, which may then lead to more positivity and positive behaviour.

Everything in our being is interconnected, you cannot isolate parts of our self and brain and thoughts and analyze it alone. Everything is connected and works together. Our thoughts shape more than we realize and if we understand where they come from or why they are the way they are, then we can change our emotions and behaviors. This is a very simple way to break cycles that we do not want to continue.

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