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How does the body work to relieve stress

How does the body and mind and physical organs work due to diffrent ways to relieve stress.

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The major system in the body is the liver it prevents the body to restore blood flow and prevents major disease if we take care of our bodies takes the right dosage of medicine sleep well eat the right kinds of food the medicine should restore the our way we think. To prevent disease on the body  we have to take care our major organ in the body our skin gland because we want clean dry skin take bath daily wash face with warm water with clean cleanser prescribed by doctor or dermatologist. Another fact we eat cause we're stress so try not to overeat it can cause an eating disorder and you won't be able to digest your food properly because your bodies at resting phase .  If you get too much sleep you will become incompetent and gain so much weight you will not be able to loose very easily without help from a trainer or nutrtionist.

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