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The 7 steps on how to forgive and positively never forget.

Gabrielle Sarsfield

Life Coach

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Acknowledge the pain, guilt, and shame. Allow yourself to feel this for the last time, but only briefly. I say briefly because it is probably something that you've been carrying with you for a long time now. It's time to stop wasting time and soon release yourself from this negative energy.

Remember why you feel this way. Let it sink in because it will be a life lesson, and the next time it happens - you will know if you handled it in a good manner or you'll consider what you can do differently.

Acceptance of the past. The past is gone, dust, and sure, it existed. However, now it is just a part of our memories...our somewhat distorted and perceptive memories. Sometimes the whole memory isn't even concrete.

Consider what you can do to change the issue or what will make you feel better.

Forgive yourself and/or others.

Take away a positive lesson. For every action and situation, there is something positive that can come out if it!

Love yourself and those around you, and remember that people are human. We only have today and it’s what we make of it with ourselves and those we love. Life is too short to be angry. I say we only have today because we literally and concretely have today. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will soon be today. Next week, next year, will someday be today. But nothing is guaranteed accept for today. So be present and love yourself because nothing will bring peace accept for self love.

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