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Inspiration isn't enough!

Inspiration makes your dreams look juicy, but optimism, diligence and perseverance will bring the flavour of success to it.

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In the journey to success, you need more than just inspiration to arrive at your destination.

Sometimes, you get an urge for a career or role and when you follow through, you eventually develop a passion that fires you up and pushes you towards your dream.

If, along the way, you run out of steam and retrace your steps to comprehend how you got this far in the first place, then you require more than inspiration. That's when you ponder if your choice was meant for you, so you query the depth of your research into the path you followed. At this time, you find yourself not resonating with your abilities and your attainments strike you as a 'stroke of luck'. Soon, your self-confidence is ridiculed by oversight and you familiarise yourself with being an imposter. You've found yourself in this state because you relied on your inspiration.

Well, that inkling you had from the onset isn’t enough to do the trick.

There's nothing wrong with your choice, your goals, or your abilities. The reason for your setback might be because of setting unrealistic expectations or insufficient determination required to pull through, based on the circumstances around your ambitions.

For instance, if your goal was like a favourite drink, inspiration can be likened to the ice cubes that keep it chilled and desirable. The ice cubes alone won't be appealing. However, many substances and flavours have been infused to make the drink ready for the consumption.

Such is success. It is a cocktail of passion, determination, and optimism. Inspiration is the packaging that makes it desirable - a viewpoint that makes your goal attractive to you. Also, because your views will be put through the test of time, a focus on the objectives and purpose of your goals will sustain your commitment when inspiration fades.

Inspiration makes your dreams look juicy, but optimism, diligence and perseverance will bring the flavour of success to it.

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