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Nesting your mind

This is a break from the lifts, flips, rolls, and soars that keeps you going...A nested mind is a cultivated mind.

Ola Oladiran

Life Coach

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In our everyday life, we’ve got used to routine of chasing goals and pursuing dreams. The drive from our daily activities keeps us ticking and the more we reach our goals, the more our thirst for higher grounds, eventually leading us to an insatiable quest for purpose or at least something to tie our values to.

Purpose, as you may know, is the reason (why) behind the actions you take and decisions you make. So, when you find yourself mentally drown in a sea of questions in the bid to validate your beliefs, values, and goals to concoct your purpose, you’re experiencing your nesting moments.

These are moments when you take a break from the lifts, flips, rolls, and soars that keeps you going, to align your purpose with your goals. Most people can relate to this state, especially during these times of uncertainty, when socialisation is being replaced with lone times in isolation and restriction to virtual interactions.

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Ola Oladiran

Life Coach

  • 5 Publications
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However, nesting your mind in positive beliefs adds value to your self-esteem and boosts your sense of self. It will keep your passion aflame and sustain your self-confidence over the lockdown periods.

Nesting your mind will also help your thoughts in staying grounded rather than wandering far away from its home point. The more you build values in your personality and invest your time, energy, and resources into those values, the better you become at nesting your mind amidst social confinements.

Mind nesting is a powerful tool for revitalising self-assertion. A nested mind is a cultivated mind. Its been prepared for success.

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