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Who's in control?

It remains your responsibility to take action on what you can make happen for yourself.  

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Most times, people subconsciously place their happiness and well-being in the care of friends, colleagues, family or acquaintances and this often backfires when the said person-in-charge faces insurmountable challenges that impedes the role they are being saddled with.

While it might be alright to draw strength from any support available to you, it remains your responsibility to take action on what you can make happen for yourself.  

For instance, when you’re experiencing self-doubt in a certain aspect of your life, rather than looking out for compliments from acquaintances to reassure your capability, it might be best to revisit the previous experiences or belief systems that formed the basis for your uncertainty. You will need to examine and validate which of these beliefs are existing barriers to your progress and the ones that are a creation of your fears and anxiety, and act on them.  If your worries are as a result of experiences in attempting your goal, then you must develop on the learning points, to hone your skills and get you to a master’s level in that aspect.

This way, your self-confidence thrives on a learning experience that replaces the harrowing beliefs your doubts were riding upon.

At this stage, you’ll have total control of your outcome in life!

You’ll resonate with your abilities and harness your strength in overcoming challenges by taking necessary actions to reach your goals in life when you take control.  

Grab the wheel and steer in the right direction, the control is YOURS!

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