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Escaping Toxic Relationships

It's time to get out! Toxic relationships can be detrimental not only to our mental health but also the quality of our life.

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What is the true definition of a relationship?

Is it an avenue to getting laid whenever? or is it to build a bond between two people who find each other attractive mentally and physically?

All these are just but wild guesses. 

Yes, they make some sense, but none of them get even close to the actual definition. Its characters can only define a genuine love relationship. 

A true relationship is based on understanding, where none thinks of himself only, one with automatic chemistry and above all one made of frequent arguments and instant make-ups to each.

On the other hand, the opposite is an unhealthy relationship, aka a "toxic relationship." A 'love doctor' once defined toxic relationships as bonds between two needy individuals. In the long run, it ends up being a union defined by parasitical behaviour. 

What is a parasitic relationship, you may ask? In the animal world, parasitic relationships are victims and parasites in relationships, each with their degree of 'sickness.' In some cases, the situation is relatively mild that one can hardly notice that the relationship is toxic. 

After the effects reveal themselves, they see the relationship is unhealthy, but it is usually too late by then. However, there are ways of escaping such relationships.

Once you find out that you are in a toxic relationship, the best thing to do is leave before it worsens. Some may feel that's too severe due to the bond that has been formed between the two. However, staying in a relationship as such can affect your mental health leading to trauma and depression. 

Taking some time off to re-think things out can provide an ample amount of clarity for what's next for you. Preferably, take a few months to yourself. During this time, certain conditions you and your partner should adhere to include; not keeping in touch during this time, reset the clock once one of you goes against the agreement, write letters to each other exposing your feelings and present them after the period is over. Make sure that you meet in a very neutral area. 

Come to a mutual agreement once you meet or agree to disagree. Make sure the two of you come to a deal during the final meeting. Hire a professional life coach to help you heal and bring things into perspective!


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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