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Pressures Of Life

Remember, when life gets tuff, the pressure is making you into something beautiful.

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Do you feel like your back is against the wall in corner and you have no where to go or a way out? Do you feel as if you're screaming on the inside and no one knows it? Do you feel like you can’t hardly breath? This is the pressures of life. In today's society there is so much crime, pain, hurt, financial trouble, greed, marriages failing and on top of all of that we have death to deal with. It’s a lot different from when I was growing up. Back in the day, people cared for one another. Things were cheaper and easier to live. Divorce was not an option because vows was not taken lightly and love was forever no matter what. They would fight for the one they loved. They would find a way to fix what was broken. There were morals that have been lost in today's society. Kids respected their parents, where that has been lost today. Sex was a beautiful thing between two married people that loved each other, where today people just sleep around and babies are being born without a father in their life and into poverty. Babies are having babies. All this causes so much pain. Some of our circumstances we get to choose and some we don't but we can choose the outcome. If you are under pressure, you are about to have a chance to make something beautiful out of it. 

I’m going to talk to you about the diamond, pearl, and a seed. The diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which means indestructible. Diamonds are formed in high pressure and high temperature from carbon. They are formed between 120 and 200 kilometers under the earth. When the pressure is put on the carbon it causes heat which therefore causes the carbon to melt. IF IT'S DONE RIGHT, it becomes a diamond. During volcano explosions they come to earth, we find them, cut them, and polish them into beautiful diamonds. So remember that the pressure you are feeling today is what can make you a diamond tomorrow. I have endured a lot pain and more than most people have. For years I asked God why and God spoke to me and told me to write a book on resilience. That started it all. Since then I have become a 4 time best selling author, motivational and inspirational speaker, and a licensed life coach. I have two more new books coming out soon. Without everything I endured, I would not be who I am today. You have to have experience to teach, encourage, and understand others. So just remember you are a diamond in the making. 

Second is the pearl. Pearls are formed when substance such as dirt or sand gets in a oysters shell. The oyster becomes irritated but has no hands or feet to remove it. So the oyster starts covering it with the same substance used to make the shell. That's what forms the pearl. Then the farmers cut the oyster open and remove the beautiful Pearl’s from the muscle. So remember when you get irritated to keep going because you have a pearl forming inside you and God is going to send someone your way cut it out of you. I get to do this as a licensed life coach. I get to find the beautiful pearls inside of my clients and bring it out so they can use it. 

Third I want to talk about a seed. The seed is planted in dirt. The seed is then watered,  put just in the right temperature and under the right conditions. It then breaks open and starts to form roots, strong roots. Then the roots store water and nutrients. Then it forms a stem which carries the water and nutrients to the rest of the plant. The leaves capture the sunlight to make energy. Before you know it you have a beautiful rose or flower. Remember the seed had to be broken and steps had to be taken to form that beautiful flower. One of those steps form the foundation (roots). You're foundation should be the Word of God. Remember it took time for the flower and it will take time for you as well. Don't give up! Remember, you are a beautiful Rose blooming. 

Today I want you to know you are in control of the outcome and you are that beautiful diamond, pearl, and flower! You don't get to choose every situation but you get to choose your story. You are chosen. God has a purpose for every one of us. God does not make mistakes. He knew every mistake we were going to make, every deficiency we would have, and everything we were going to have to face when he formed us and gave us a purpose accordingly. You don't have to chase approval. God’s approval is enough. So know that you are chosen and search for your purpose. If you need help finding your purpose, I can help you. 


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