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Detailed description of my view on Covid-19 as a free speech citizen. Without means to argue just a question on the subject.

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Viewpoint On Covid-19 


First & foremost this is something I want to do. Showing my passion through opinion and viewpoint on a personal level is what I hope to accomplish here. Not in any way that I am trying to argue any of the facts that have been shared through research, studies & peoples experiences about Covid-19.

When the first time i heard about Covid-19 was around the same time I imagine everyone else did, throughout media and all its sources is how I came to see that it was a new risk of potential fatality if someone was vulnerable in terms of general health.

The elderly and the unfortunate people that have underlying health conditions, it was made clear that they're at more risk of the worst case scenario that can come from catching the virus which is death.

Also there was no subtle way of how it was presented from any source that published anything about the virus to not make the worst result be the only given outcome if someone got it. I understand and agree that it's a matter of responsibility the governments of the world have to keep by to insure the lives of the public are kept safe.

The way I am writing this and i assume many others have the insight to believe that the way it's been put across to the people of the world is not how it is in terms of seriousness is enough for whoever is reading this to hopefully feel different in a better way after.

I didnt take the virus seriously firstly, I am a person that's more the way of believing that there is a light at the end of every tunnel if you get what I mean. I took the precautions and made it strict in my mind that I am not one to have any decision to not take it into account the importance of not contributing to the spread of something that will put lives in danger.

It was in my head an uncertainty and remained that way as I saw the news day in day out amplify more information of risks and safety measures that were to be enforced to the public.

The fact that I didnt get it on the first lockdown after I was just as likely to catch it then the people on around me were taking the matter more serious as was everyone else due to the shock of work being stopped and places being shut down, something that has never happened before.

The change of lifestyles for everyone is the main reason why I write this article, it's the impact I saw throughout people close to me and the rest of the people I can imagine that because they were unsure about how much of a risk it was to themselves and their loved ones to become so much of a concern and a panic and along with the time that was spent indoors, everyone was going to naturally follow the news to find out more about why what an when this is going to be over. Even the people that didn't watch it before like myself was.
The people who are anxious naturally & worry about the welfare and everyday life like a member of my family I use as an example is not a type of characteristic that's rare among the public. So I get that the severity of the problem that come out of nowhere or atleast seemed like it came out of no where was the reason it was made so intense to let everyone know but whatabout the percentage of people that could be with anxiety and fear prior to this situation?

The guidelines were made simple and easy, I agree and the trust in the way that if everyone was to comply with the process of the rules enforced that there was definite assurance of Overcoming what has come (Covid-19). But along with them simple instructions or atleast doable in the majority of the public I would say, came the shock, the result in countless people losing their jobs and the crisis of many large & small businesses to come into financial difficulties that no one was at all aware in any sense so preparation wasnt.a factor.

In a form of understanding and realising that I dont wish to argue a side of disagreement to how the government handled this as I don't know in the slightest the depths of how they managed to undertake this situation in such a constructive manner to put together covering a way of a structured alternative for financial stability for the majority of the businesses. Just makes me wonder their side of knowledge about the virus & how long before did they know about the so called danger we were all supposedly putting ourselves in if the rules they put in place as of that time, maybe I could be wrong and I'm not going to say at all that I am right but just to think about how i dont see clarity from back then to the time now, 6 months later in the 2nd lockdown I feel if anything more I can come up with wont be by my own account of imagination or viewpoint. The creations on new strains and tiers will allow the public to wonder whether to agree and accept the seriousness of the whole regulations that are put in place or argue with if they are applicable to the citizens of each country.

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