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The world renowned Rathayatra of Lord Jagannath is otherwise called Yatra and Ghosha Yatra. These Festivals are hung on "ASHADHASUKLADWITIYA" ie..the second day of the brilliant fortnight of ashadha (June-July) consistently. This Rathayatra represents that after quite a while of the detachment Lord Shri Krishna is going to Kuruksetra from Dwaraka to meet the occupants of Brindavan. Three unique sizes of chariots are made for this Rathayatra which starts from the Lord Jagannath Temple. The Chariot of the Lord Jagannath is called NANDIGHOSH, the Chariot of Balabhadra is called TALADVAJA, the Chariot of Lady Subhadra is called PADMADHVAJA. But the vessels of Kalasa, which are on top of the chariots, the side Deities, the Charioteers and Horses, the remainder of the entire chariots are made new consistently in understanding to the severe old details. Almost around one great many Devotees are expected to pull these chariots with the assistance of four ropes which are attached to each chariot and has no controlling framework on it.

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