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A backbencher fails many times but observes ways to get up.

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A backbencher...

Normally we all take backbenchers as the most non-serious amongst the student, many see them as having less calibre, less responsive as they tend to show less attentiveness towards the class. Many believe they are amongst the failures, which is all true for some and false for some others. So here's my question...


How do you see this classroom from a backbencher's view???


Didn't catch it?


Here's a little observation. Let me take you back to your school life, where sometimes a new demonstration was carried or a class check made on regular basis by the Administrator or Coordinator of that particular group of classes. Did you ever notice that why they sit at the back?


I guess now you get the whole point of the display picture above. 


What's the Catch? 

Here's my own little experience that taught me some major benefits of sitting at the last. You get a broader view, a clear view of each and everyone and most importantly you see what others can't. You become a good observer, a participant who might not seem to be involved in the class yet hears the most. That person might not seem attentive but, unconsciously the person retains the most. Keeping in mind all of the above can be good or bad. 


In short, wider and deeper perspectives can come out of them. 

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A backbencher fails many times but observes ways to get up.

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