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Come towards what is common amongst us....

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Almost everyone of you have been a student of some kind at some stage, if we see current times- High School/College is the most common student life we all have in common. Experiencing that life, there was always a room where we could hang around/rest/do any favorite activity or carry out discussions besides our working day or routine. It was a way to share our thoughts by sharing a same roof with difference of opinions etc... 


What is a commonality? 

So, here let's see that what is commonality and what does it bring and offers? 


In very simple words sharing attributes and features among us means commonality. Let me further explain a little, attributes and features means the nature of a human here. Now the question arises, 


Do we have same nature? 

Without any delays, I will say "Yes" for some attributes and features. Mentioning few... It won't be wrong to tell you that;


Telling lies for our benefits yet drawn more towards Truth leading to Trust is one of the example. 


Another example is we judge alot on others and at the same time not expect for ourselves, what we expect is love, care and kindness. 


What I mean to say is we all have good side, yet show hypocrisy quite commonly-again it's a part of our nature and we do have a choice to change it. How?


Start telling Truths , start caring and showing kindness on an individual level as well as keeping check on others and asking or telling or at least showing through making them realize where things are wrong! The commonality of Hypocrisy will be changed to Authenticity, gradually. Which is a bringer of peace. 


World Right Now 

This globe is and has been under war attacks. Not just weapons, but through tongues also. We have been hurting each other one way or the other. What's the reason?


The commonality of Hypocrisy we all have been carrying. 


But, here's a food for thought--- isn't it about time that we come towards what's positively common amongst us all? 


For instance, looking at current situation- working for peace through being a good human, spreading humanity? 


We all need peace. May God bring peace to this world and help us to realize and draw our attention towards what's common in all of us, positively. Ameen 


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