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Law of Attraction

You all must have read about it already, but let's dive a little deeper into it and let's see what it really is?

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Simply put, law of attraction is ' like attracts like'. Many of you have believed it, and might have found quite satisfying results. Right? But, many of you are still on this path to achieve and to get what you really want. 

I have two questions... 

1.Is it possible to get everything in life, as 'you' want?  


2. When talking of attraction, what does science proves? 

Let's talk about both, one by one!

The first question, " is it possible...?" I will give you a daily life example. You go shopping, do you buy impulsively? Or rationally? Former means way out of budget and later means within your budget. Ofcourse, it's second one. We don't want to get broke here, right? Even if you want certain things, you buy what's more important and leave rest for later when affordable. If you can't get all things at once, your tasks done all at once, how can you get everything at once? Even if it's the " like attracts like" thing... We all know, everything comes to us at the right time and not at the same time. 

This is a Valentine's week, talking of love, what's famous is, " if it's meant to be,it will be", "right ones stay", right? You attract many people like you. But, there's always one who stands out. 

Think about it... I think it's luck and hardwork with the ones who attract everything alike. It doesn't work for everyone... Does it? So yes, you can't get everything in your life. 

Coming to question two, the logical approach to it. Let's talk magnets. It's a simple theory, opposite poles attract to create a magnetic field.Not the same poles. 

So, in a relationship, attraction is must. And everyone is wired differently, men are different, women think differently. We search for a person similar to us or try making that person just like we want. Why? Because of restriction to this law, this belief. Accept each other with imperfections. And imperfections might mean that the other person is totally different from you. 

Now where does this law work in Relationship? That's important! It works in mental capabilities ( both should be on same level of mentality), in financial and social capabilities ( both should have equal standards), then last but not least having beautiful and accepting hearts. 

This above equality, creates a mutual understanding, and that's where it works when it comes to relationships. 



Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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