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What makes Proximity difficult?

Do you know how law of familiarity can destroy you from achieving your goals?

Maryam Hameed

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 What do you see in the mirror? 


Reflection of the candles? What's that reflection doing? Increasing the light..? What's the original candle doing? Spreading it's energy to reduce the mist on the mirror and clearing things out? 

This is how proximity works. The original candle, say if it's a person who's purpose is to guide people and lighten up lives... He/she should go near or be close to people who want to recieve guideline willingly. And if it's about the candles in the reflection, say if it's people who want to get enlightened should go close to people who are already in that field and who already are willing to help. 

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Maryam Hameed

Life Coach

5 $ / session

  • 68 Publications
  • 730 found this helpful

Proximity's principle is best described by Ken Coleman, " To do what I want to do l have to be around people who are doing it and the places it's happening".

Here's my question... Why would you be at such a place or be around such people? Easy... Because, you value what you own, and value those who own similar ideas.  So, how do you work for it? 

"Proximity doesn't breed familiarity." Maureen Johnson

Don't let familiarity get in your way, and let's you to disregard what you own, and what is around you. 


What it is that you are taking granted for, the most in your life? Put yourself into self accountability. Think... And then, realize what have you you been doing with that particular thing you have been taking lightly, yet it was around you!?

That's how we take things when they are quite familiar to us. Be it a person, a place, a job, a blessing... 

At first, we enjoy it. But, when we see that they are easily available for us all the time, we barely appreciate those little things. And look for what's negative in that. We forget the positive qualities! That's human nature! 

We value what's unfamiliar, and start devaluing what is familiar. 

So, let's start by practicing on valuing what we have around us, who we have around us... Let's use this law in a way that it doesn't let's our lives get negative. Use it positively, as best thing or person is the one who already knows you too well and is available there always for you. 

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