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Blue Monday

Task: find fun fact to distract your mind from common facts about the two words. Make this day interesting!

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The two biggest words that denote depression are stated in the heading above.


Here are some Monday facts, you need to know:


1.It’s the starting day of the week. We all know that.

2.It’s known as suicide day. Why? Because, it’s recorded to have most suicides on this day! Did you know that?

3.20% of heart attacks happen to be on Monday.

4.Monday means “day of the moon”. Moon denotes night, and night represents darkness or deepness.

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Maryam Hameed

Life Coach

5 $ / session

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5.50% employees are late at work on this day.

6.Monday is sleep deprived day, hence ,you looking least attractive on that day.


Here are some Blue facts:


1.Least common color in foods we eat.

2.Blue is used to represent all the down feeling emotions.

3.Labeled as a January depression color. Yet, the irony is, its the most favorite color of the world.


The above facts relate to the cause of stating a particular January day as a “Blue Monday”.


To make this day interesting for you, I give you a task to state all fun and happy facts about Monday and Blue. 

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