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Importance of Recording stuff and Reminders in this Modern Hectic Times

Get yourself a good impression.

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Do you forget things to do, easily?
That’s because you might not have a schedule recorded or put it on a reminder. Do you know what does that show about you?
Undisciplined: why? Because you lost control over laziness, and you forgot to maintain a schedule.
Disorganized: why? Because, you got confused on keeping the systemic order you had to maintain.
Unethical: why? Because, you fell out of what was considered as a moral value to you, your profession or to your employer.
Unprofessional: why? Because, the above three means you lowered your own standards by yourself.
An overall Why?? Because, no one is ready to hear out on reasons as they are taken as mere excuses. Time is precious to everyone and you showed it isn’t to you. It showed that you are careless or lazy. Is that a good impression to put on someone or among your co workers?
Obviously “No”. So, to prevent that… Just schedule your tasks to get them done on time. Keep a notebook or use your devices.
This might not only work for your work life. It helps even in grocery and things to buy.
Let’s not forget the old rule of keeping record of stuff.

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Maryam Hameed

Life Coach

5 $ / session

  • 68 Publications
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