There is a common reaction to these two words above in our society , on about what we relate them to??

We have restricted the words majorly with harassment issues, that’s a big big issue! But, restricting it just to that deviates us all from other quite common types of abuses.

So, before I proceed.. I would like to tell you the real meaning of abuse. I’ll be quite clear about it… It means maltreatment or mistreatment.

Now I am going to question you and also all parents out there…

Rethink… Ask…

Did you ever neglect your child? Did you discourage him/her? Do you accept for what they really are? Are you there to show them and tell them that you love them?

Yes it’s not only verbal, societal or physical… Do keep check if your child is being emotionally or mentally abused.. Because, that is a common norm of us all. Let’s treat each child in loving way… All children deserve it.