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Criticism: breaking the cycle

A different view on how to deal with it...

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Look at this flower and also notice it's surrounding... What have you observed??

I would love to share a quote here as a hint...

"You will be never criticized by someone, who is doing more than you, you will always be criticized by the one who is doing less than you." Tom Cruise

Now look closely and see the difference in your observation... The flower is full of colors and the surrounding is barren. 

Why do people do that? It's quite clear now. But, we need to distinguish first, between the good and the bad criticism. How will you do that? 

Many people get offended, when criticized. And forget the line between the positive/ negative one... To prevent this.... 

Whenever criticized... Ask yourself:

1. What's the purpose behind this?

2. Is this for my own good, or development or is it constructive in any way?

If these two, give you a positive answer... Better start working on what you are criticized upon. How?

1. Understand the intentions of your crtisizer.

2. Be thankful for the part they play to construct you.

3. Apologize for your weakness

If it's other way round, before conclusions, ask yourself this:

3. Is it some kind of objection against you? A way to show that it is a mistake, that you are at wrong?

If this is the case, then you should discern by following these steps;

1. Stay calm and quite in such situation. And listen to it carefully, sometimes even negativity teaches you something positive.

2. Again, try to evaluate the psychological aspects of that person's mind.

3. If you can't hold on much, leave that place but with respect for their views. 

My advice is to, whatever it is... Learn from it. And work to improve it as it will make you a better version of yourself in any way.



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