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King: "What is this religion which you have introduced for yourself and which has served to cut you off from the religion of your people? You also did not enter my religion nor the religion of any other community."

Answer: O king, we were a people in a state of ignorance and immorality, worshipping idols and eating the flesh of dead animals, committing all sorts of abomination and shameful deeds, breaking the ties of kinship, treating guests badly and the strong among us exploited the weak.

We remained in this state until God sent us a Prophet (peace be upon him), one of our own people whose lineage, truthfulness, trustworthiness and integrity were well-known to us...Thereupon, O king, our people attacked us, visited the severest punishment on us to make us renounce our religion and take us back to the old immorality and the worship of idols.

They oppressed us, made life intolerable for us and obstructed us from observing our religion...

The king was impressed and wanted to know more, so he asked something about his religion. The answer impressed him more. 

Before I continue, on who the king was and what was the answer and whom did he questioned... I would like to give you all a message that this incident holds for all of our faiths... 

Let's respect each other for whatever we believe in. Let others follow what they want to, and stop making fun of each other or bullying. It's not just about faith, let's respect overall. 

Now, this was the answer to King's second question...

(These verses were read to the king...)

 "He said: "I am just a message-bearer of your Lord, I have come to grant you a most pure boy.Mary said: "How can a boy be born to me when no man has even touched me, nor have I ever been unchaste?"... Then she came to her people, carrying her baby. They said: "O Mary! You have committed a monstrous thing...Thereupon Mary pointed to the child. They exclaimed: "How can we speak to one who is in the cradle, a mere child?"The child cried out: "Verily I am Allah's servant. He has granted me the Book and has made me a Prophet..."

The King replied there was only a fine line between your religion and ours. The King was from Abyssinia, a Christian, Najashi. 

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