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The psyche of an Addict

What are you addicted to?

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We relate addiction to drugs and drinking. Let's discuss it on a wider scale... Addiction means to do something, or to behave or react on something repeatedly and intentionally. 

When you look at the pattern of an Addict, the addiction he/she gets is practiced first, on having leisure time basis becoming a need and turning into a routinely habit without which one cannot live. 

Drugs and drinking is an extreme, but one can be addicted to anything, like... Coffee, Music, Movie hours, Watching a Season... It can be anything!

We need to understand Why someone becomes an Addict, at first place?

When you constantly feel, that you have something missing in life or you are realized constantly about it.. You try to cover that certain weakness. Let's say, someone tells you, "you are always sad". That's a simple sentence with a huge negative impact on you, why? It made you think you don't have happiness in life. So, to show you are happy, you start covering it up by staying "high". Ultimately, leading you to be sad in real for life with feelings of regrets and all that, Why did I do this to myself? 

And once it becomes a thing without which you can't live... What we find in extreme cases is, they start self harming ending up being suicidal. 

But, here is my question...

Why not become an Addict of doing something good???

Taking the same sentence as above, why not make our selves used to, carrying a "smiley face"? That may seem as a pretence at first, but will lead you to be happy, ultimately. How? Your smile can make others smile. You made others happy, so a day with that achievement of "done good" is better than regrets. And making you live longer and happier to keep up with this cause.

Let's be an addict to do good!


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