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Domestic violence

Stop believing misconceptions.

Maryam Hameed

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One in every other woman faces this behavior. And yet told, that “Don’t worry, your husband loves you.” “ He must have done in it as a joke..” “ He says this and that as he cares for you.” “ He doesn’t allow you to meet your family, as he can’t live without you.”

Do they really mean what they said? If yes, why are their actions contradict to what they call “Love”, “Care” and “ Living without you”?

These are mere excuses to take off the blame and put it on you. Why do they do that? For fun or as a revenge of something? For satisfaction?? Or just want to keep in charge of you???

Whatever it is, it’s unacceptable.

To all those people, who use these misconceptions for these beautiful words are blind.

First, if you really love someone you appreciate their presence, encourage and acknowledge them. You make them grow.

Second, if you really care, you don’t let them down even through a joke. You don’t hurt their feelings, yet try to understand them and be there for them when you need them. You make them feel important in your life.

Lastly, if they can’t live without us, why they use such behavior or put pressure through threats?? If someone really want that, they won’t do any such thing to let you go but do anything to let you stay. They will make it work with full efforts.

So, next time better control yourself from say, abusive arguments, violence or behavior ( if in case you really mean what you say).



Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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