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Accepting Challenges

When should one be taught to take challenges positively?

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Today I was sitting with my toddler, trying to make him learn his school lesson. He wasn't listening to what I was saying, as in his concentration level was low. 

At first I tried to talk him out calmly but that didn't help as he firmly kept on saying, "No".

Then, I just scolded him a little. To my surprise, he got angrier. And, I was lost on how to get his attention to work. As, forcing him wouldn't have helped.

Then I said, "Let's play a game. I count to ten with my eyes closed, while you complete the work until I finish counting." He said, "okay!" with a smile. That worked like a magic! 

We start accepting Challenges from early age, we work better through them. Teach your child to accept challanges, make them work like that rather forcing them to perform. 

As, it might be helpful for their future skills like meeting deadlines and more. 

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