I saw a person looking at a disabled with pity eyes. That struck me with the thought, who has got more disability?

We are filled up with the society of Liers, Cheaters, Tyrants, and even those who go for violence. We see the physical disability as a curse, and pity such people. We backbite, pul each other's leg, and try to step on someone else's dreams. Moreover, we even let down others by looking down upon them.

Point is, the society we know has a hidden disability behind it's curtains. But we see what's visible... I.e, physical disability and try to improve it. 

This loss of vision and insight is such a danger and a setback to us all, as it has created disabilities like above mentioned, which are not even considered or noticed to get improved.

Let's start working on them...stop pointing out on people with the physical disabilities. As, we all are disabled mentally in some way or another.