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The E-mommy

Don't do this to yourself and your kid ...

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While walking in a park or at a bus stop or on a subway, you see a baby crying with a woman. What's common in all these scenes is, every other single woman takes out that handy device we call "cell phone", and gives it to the baby. Like a *snap* the baby quiets down. 

Yes, the new mommy of the era is this e-mommy! But why your little one quiets down so fast with it? It's a concerning situation...

First thing, the emotion of crying is switched. Rather than coping with the situation and making them learn to manage their emotions, what we teach is... "Just switch your mind". So later in life if there comes a problem, what they will do is "switch their attention", does that enhance their problem solving skill?

Secondly, the attention of the kid is totally on that device due to the element of amusement he /she is getting. They won't listen to you. Hence, reducing concentration and focus.

Lastly, you are making your child too much into himself, rather than making him enjoy with you. 

Yes, you are doing this to yourself. And also to the child. Don't do this when they are facing any tantrum or emotional imbalance. Let the the emotions and tantrums flow. Talk to them afterwards about it. 

This is for the love of your kid. Show them the love they deserve. 

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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