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What's hidden in this four letter word?

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Once in a while, people hear this or say "I love you". And many times, people fall for each other. But everything comes with some etiquettes and rules...

Finding true love is not easy. But once you have found one, what to do? Here's a little guide...

Don't go after the guy/girl???, as doing so will only irritate them. If you love the person truly, set them free??? and wait for that love to come back to you. If it's really true, it may come back and if not, it wasn't yours to chase.

Understand the situation of your partner, suppose if he/she in some kind of problem, and is not able to attend you well, understand that he/she is in trouble. Try make things easier for them, if you can't solve them. As, maybe they need sometime alone, so give them that space they need.

Don't push them to like you or love you, instead show them practically, how truly and deeply you care for them and help them grow??? rather pulling them back. This will make them realize and a way to tell your partner daily, 'i love you!'. 

Work on these above tips, be it in your marriage too. Let love exist. That is the sole purpose of relationship.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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