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Negative Words, Positive Meaning

Change your perspective and see how this magic works...

Maryam Hameed

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There is an opportunity in every failure, ending and a "No". The world may seem to be impossible, but change your perspective after reading this... It works like magic!

I am going to tell you the core meaning behind 4 important Negative words, as they have become a part of our lives. Here you go..


When we can't get a task done or think big, we are told "its impossible". Read again, listen it again... It says, "I am possible".

2. "Fail"...

We have to face alot of fears when we have to accomplish and the biggest one is when we ask, "Will I FAIL?" Next time you hear it or have this word in mind, remember... So what, if you fail; it was your "First Attempt In Learning".

3. "No"...

When we hear it, we sense clear rejection in it. We kind of take it in a bad way, even if the "no" is useful for us. Hearing or saying "NO" means we are askwd to look or ask others for "Next Opportunity".

4. "End"...

People often feel emotional or fell like giving up and consider it as end to something. But END tells you, Effort Never Dies!

So just, keep your hopes high and look for what is positive.


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