There are four balls, hanging down a tree. You pull the very first one, and suddenly swing it towards the other three. The ball hits the other three with a force, making them move from their place - rather, "Standing Still"!

Impact, just works like that very first ball. What is your purpose? Why are you here?
But, first ask...
What differentiates you from others?
Once you realize that, you are ready to create an "Impact". You are ready to change the world and all that surrounds you with that unique force you have. Use it positively, to make a positive impact!

"Recognize that every interaction you have us an opportunity to make a positive impact on others." Steph Hyken

The biggest tool that will help you to do it is your passion. Don't loose your passion. It's always passion that helps you to stay determined about anything you have.

Just tell this to yourself daily....

Your Life has a Purpose! Your Story is Important! Your Dreams Counts! Your Words Matter!

Time to shake the world, gently... Light the unlit!