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Dependency is a curse. It may drown you and won't let you move in the direction you want...

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You are drowning and taken away with the water flow... You raise your hand or try to catch someone's eye so you can get help to get out of it and survive. 


Don't you feel that you should have learned to swim through or at least learned to float?

What if no one hears you?

What if no one is there?


So now what? Will you decide to wait for help or you are going to help yourself?

"Don't depend too much on anyone in this world because even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness."Ibn E Taymiyyah

We all face such situations. Sometimes help is needed but, sometimes you need to help yourself. We can't depend totally on others likewise.


It will only cause you to drown or stranded! So, when time comes and you don't see anyone around ...get up on your foot, and try being independent. That's what is going to help you more.

Start living your life without any chains...

"Happiness is being independent." Anonymous

Start being happy by relying on yourself...






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