We all have this common attitude towards others, that when we see something going oddly, we tend to pass on comments on them... Like,

"OMG, look at her, what's she wearing? How's she doing her task?"Or lets say, The person next to you is quite frustrated and shouting on others, unknowingly you pass comments like "he is mad or something"... 

My question is, whatif someone does the same to you? How would you feel?

Sounds bad? Yeah?... 

I would like to say, stop judging others. You don't know what the other person is going through or how is he/she dealing with that. Better to put yourself in his shoes and try telling yourself that this person has some issues. 

Realizing that, help them resolve whatever it is rather then judging them.

As doing so will create another person who is misunderstood in this world, which may later carry on not only damaging their personality but also causing damage to others.