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Ethics of learning.

Maryam Hameed

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Do you think, what you have learnt is enough? Or is it all that you should have learned??

Albert Einstein said, "You cannot solve the problem with the same thinking which created it."

Do you understand, what it means?? It means, start thinking differently!

Open up your eyes... old ideas aren't enough! Those ways no longer serve you... so, what to do now??

"Recognised that 'unlearning' is the highest form of learning." Rumi

Forget what you already know. What you know already is nothing. Get your knowledge to level 'zero', so new ideas may reflect your mind. Deconstruct the old ones and replace them with the reconstruction of the new ones, so they should lead to your new reflections and thoughts. It won't make you stagnant.


If you want to solve every problem in your life....


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