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Learn, how to deal with chaotic situations.

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 Do you know when things get chaotic? For instance, just think, what will happen if for a single micro second the planets move from thier orbits? Or we have a good recent example, when earth was shut down... 

What we always expect is, things will go as the nature or science or rules and regulations commands. Take, for example, the apple falling from the tree. We all know it, it will ultimately fall to the ground. But, if supposedly it flies, that's when our minds will enter the level of "CHAOS". What is the common reaction to chaos?? 


We get demoralised, distracted and puzzled! We take chaos, a negative thing... Why? Because, our mind is set on that,"the things will go as they are". And, when they don't , we get lost in bewilderment created by our own minds. They are not a product of NATURE, It's Our MIND. 

Can chaos be taken positive? If yes, how? 

When we focus on "chaos" we will not get answers. But, when we focus on what "IT" teaches, that's going to help us a lot in a positive way. 

Question is, what does it teach you?...

Go back and read the starting lines of this post...what is it all about??


And unpredictability says, BE READY FOR EVERYTHING! It tells you, every time things won't work the way "you" planned. You should learn to accept somethings, that get out of the way...and also, that somethings are not in your hands, it's destined to be like that. When you will think like this, Chaos will become a friend of yours...

"It's all about finding the calm in the chaos". Quotes 'no Notes


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