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When is your delusion healthy?

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What is the difference between truth and delusion?
What is more common, truth or delusion?
Let's have a look...

In the above photograph, what do you see first?

The clear image in the glass ball? Or did you notice, that the background is upside down of the image present in that glass ball and that it's blurry?


If you saw the clear image first, just like majority of people...You really are deluded and away from reality of life. You don't want to see what's real. YOU ARE ONE OF COMMONERS... 


If you saw the blurry image first, few must have noticed the details. You are a believer of truth, and truth is reality. YOU ARE ONE OF AN EXCEPTION...


Delusion is common, truth is rare. But, at some point delusion is as important as truth. How?


Do you have dreams? Dream is a delusion itself, but it leads you to achieve something real in life. Just execute them, if you want to make your delusions into your truths...don't just live in them, work for them.

"Ideation without execution is delusion."Robin. S. Sharma

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