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Medication Alternatives

Learn about some natural healers, which release same chemicals used in many medications..

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Medication has many cures, no doubt and when necessary must be taken as advised by your prescriptions. 

But, there is an alternative to everything in this world. Even medication. 

When it comes our mental health and care, many start using the medicines before even trying on other alternatives like workouts, going on a walk, listening to music, sports, and most importantly working on their will power. 

I suggest "holding on to Will Power", even to those on medication, as ; it helps one heal quickly and medications to heal you better. 

Medicines use some chemicals to make you feel better, that is directly connected to your brain. I have quite interesting information here to share with you, and that is alternatives to those chemicals. 

The most commonly used with the alternative therapy are discussed below.

Dopamine is known as the reward chemical to make you feel believe that you are successful. Want to have this feeling for real? Get up, complete your unfinished tasks, eat good food, indulge in self care activities and end your day by celebrating these little achievements. 

Having mood swings is quite common and Serotonin is used to heal that. But, why not go out for cycling? Or meditate?

Oxytocin creates love hormones and makes you feel loved. Do you want to know how to enjoy it, for real? Compliment each other more. Playing with kids or pets also helps. Holding hands or hugs is quite effective in releasing your love hormone. 

Sometimes we actually don't have any pain but we feel it. Endorphin is used in pain killers. Have you heard of, "laughter is the best medicine"? Do anything to laugh it out loud, like watching comedy. Another way is to grab your dark chocolate. 

Try using the natural healers first before going on to any medication. It might help you slowly, but with the actual feeling of all those happy emotions that are needed.

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