Have you ever observed the trend of the waves in an ocean?

If you were that wave, what would you do? Let the ocean move you from one place or another- being unstable, or you move the ocean to make it settle somewhere?

No need to think! It's a complimentary effect. Being unstable at the start, may settle you at the end. Only then you realize, Your PURPOSE!

"What you seek is also seeking you."Rumi

If it's confusing you, don't give up on it... Confusion may confirm your many questions or even create more uncertainty.

Best DEALER? Ask... Not too much, but - when necessary!

Need a TIP? See inside yourself, did you just realised, that you wanted to change something in you, and you didn't even try for it? Been there sleeping all of your life?

"If light is in your heart, you will find your way home." Rumi

WAKE UP ALARM! Don't put it on snooze, it may ring again and again - you notice it for one time,i.e, when you wake up from a deep sleep and for the next ones you usually ignore. Until... It stops buzzing and you sleep again!

REWIND... WAKE UP ALARM! Get up! Before you even think to snooze. Hold the alarm right there and change what needs to be changed, improve what needs to be improved within you!