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Are you an empath?

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Here's a short story...

A and B, had been talking for a while and after few minutes they start understanding each other. Hence, they start talking about what's going on in their lives. Whereas, A tells B about his/her major issues after some more time, they pass together and so does B.


What do you think it is,that makes two or more people so close in minutes? They don't have anything in common, they share their differences respectfully and pay heed to what the other person is saying, what us that?


It's called "Care".

How do you show it, that you care? How do you know that, the other person cares?

Here's how it goes...


If someone is telling you something, you LISTEN. And it's in a way that you FEEL their sorrows and pain, as if , they were yours. You put yourself in thier shoes and then SUGGEST whats best to do. That shows, you care...and if you are telling your story and get same gestures, you are being cared.


When you feel like this, it means you have an Empath besides you or you yourself are one. Being one is best. Having one makes you lucky.


An Empath would never take anyone's problems for granted or lead them go astray. They won't leave you alone. They are extra sensitive one's and they are natural Healers. They won't judge you. Although, they hear both sides of a story.

"Empathy works so well because it does not require a solution.It requires only understanding."John Medina

Let's first understand each other. Do you know how it starts? Feel the emotions...


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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