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Effective 8-Tip Parenting Direction

Learn how to deal with your child/children's issues in a way that's helping...

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Being a parent is not as easy at seems. You may face a toddler, who keeps on crying; a teen, who might not understand the wisdom behind your "No" or may even encounter a problem from your grown up child, let's say who isn't serious in setting up a career or relationship.  This is just the tiniest picture of problems, when it comes to "Parenting". 

Only a healthy parenting can help raise a child being more of a good person. Let's cut it short to the discussion and jump onto the tips...

1.  The first and foremost effect your child takes is from your relationship with your own partner. It's quite important to make your child believe, that there is a strong bond between you two. For that I say better to avoid fights in front of your child. As for single parents, that's not a problem. 

Point is, they are going to walk on your footsteps. So, make thier home, the very first positive place to learn from. I.e, try to become an institution for them.

2. Make your child feel loved. Tell your child/children often that you love him/her. Providing with all the needs is not enough. Support and Appreciate them, it may help them know better that they aren't being neglected.

3. Always be there for your child by say, showing up on their school ceremonies or when they even want to solve a problem. Hear them out, be their own personal counselor. As, this will build the child-parent trust, which is again, important.

4. You should know, when to say "No" and "Yes". It's not necessary not to give permission to your child when it comes to playing with friends or being at friend's house. It should be balanced by sometimes saying yes to it. But, explain your child why you said no. 

This is just one situation, the reason to point it out is actually that, keep telling them the good and the bad.

5. Don't scold your child, when in an argument or a bad mood. If your child is not cooperating with you or not understanding you, trust me, scolding won't work, it may worsen the situation. Talk on it later that, why did he/she do that. Try to deal it according to the nature of your child.

6. Keep the track of what's your child doing. As it's an e-world now, you need to keep an eye more. Get yourself aware of what's new. Again, if you say no often, they might learn it or get it from elsewhere. So, take them in confidence and just watch over them.

7. Kids are smart creatures. Don't impose on them, also see what they have in their mind. Stay flexible and be a fun person rather than just sticking to your work or making them sit for studies. Go on short vacations or say have a play time or a brief healthy outing or so.

8. To all parents out there, read on parenting stuff more and get coached to it, to know more techniques and to apply them in an effective way. 

Hope that, reading this might have helped you a little. Start working on it, and see the results.

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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