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What's your approach? Optimistic or pessimistic?

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Someone just tells you, 'THINK POSITIVE'... 

Your response, 'Is that even POSSIBLE?' Or ' It's not that easy to think positive, is it?' 


What its like to be OPTIMISTIC? Its just knowing, that at the end ... No matter what, every single thing will get alright. And suppose, if it DOES Not! Then what?


 It's simple... 


That particular thing was just not right for you, no need to brood over it. BUCKLE UP! Go ahead and make a choice for yourself, Try... Try walking on a new ROAD. 

"Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic. If something is not to your liking,change your liking." Rick Steves

Yes, it's a Never ending process now you have to go through. Your thoughts will  result in a multiplied effect.


Thoughts become words, words becoming actions and actions become your values, behavior and DESTINY! Shape your destiny and work for it carefully!


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