In a midst of your relationship? Finding some answers...Yes , it's usually when some issues confuse your mind.

Time to notice some important things...

Do you feel free? By free, it means you are being allowed to talk on any subject openly. You are allowed to do everything you love .

This leads to next level... Are you being supported for what you do and what you talk. By support, it's not just words , not just actions... It's how much morally and emotionally you are being supported.

Do your emotions matter? By emotions, it means your feelings. Are they caressed?

Do you feel being loved? By this, it means you are being caressed by compassion. Treated with kindness and respect.

And what does respect means? It's the space you are being given to grow yourself. It creates Affection. And, affection creates closeness.

This closeness is, what we call mutual understanding. It brings Trust.

Do you feel the things you noticed... ? It's done without asking, without expecting... It's spontaneous. It's Companionship, you don't need to draw attention towards you. It works not by only your heart and mind but your soul too. Enjoy it!

"I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind.Just in case the heart might stop, the mind can forget.I love you with my soul.Soul never stops or forgets." Rumi